Cibele approached her responsibilities with a proactive and efficient mindset, effortlessly establishing contacts with media outlets and securing several articles in prominent publications for a short period of time. Her ability to quickly and effectively connect with the media played a crucial role in bringing our destination closer to potential clients. Working closely with a professional who possesses a profound understanding of the luxury hospitality industry, coupled with an exquisite sense of fashion and artistry, proved to be invaluable, and partnering with experts like Cibele ensures that our communication efforts are not only different but also uniquely tailored, making them more accessible and compelling to our discerning readers » Dobrica Milic, Public Relations Manager, Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel, Tivat, Montenegro


« Cibele is highly attentive to her clients, consistently responsive, professional, and accessible. She possesses genuine press expertise and wields influence in the Brazilian market, as well as beyond. It is truly a pleasure to collaborate with her. » Victoria Paturel, Deputy Director of Communications Hôtel Madame Rêve, Paris, France


« It’s a rarity to encounter talent like Cibele’s. When I sought her assistance in organizing a meeting with key opinion leaders, I witnessed her enthusiasm for her work, meticulous attention to detail, and personable nature. With extensive experience in journalism and PR spanning Brazil and France, she proves to be a brilliant professional. Cibele excels in organization and adeptly brings people together. Her proactive approach in offering solutions and ideas, coupled with her proficiency in all aspects of communications, renders her a valuable asset in any situation. » Aureliana Paula Florencio, owner of Parci Parla, Paris, France


« I had the pleasure of collaborating with Cibele on multiple special projects at CARAS Editions, and I look forward to continuing our work together. Competence, creativity, and professionalism are just three of the many outstanding qualities I observed. Beyond her skills as a journalist, I must also mention her engaging personality and ability to connect with the team. As the Art Director of Editora CARAS specials, Cibele has my highest recommendation. I am confident in her ability to deliver excellent results. » Gustavo Henrique Mendes, Creative Director and founder of Quatria, São Paulo, Brazil


« Cibele has delivered exceptional results in her role as a communications professional and press officer. Her press releases have led to outstanding press coverage and significant growth for our social media channels and newsletters. » Marcia de Carvalho, owner of Chaussetes Orphelines, Paris, France


« Cibele Maciet is a well-rounded public relations professional who handles communication topics with quality and professionalism, aimed at media dissemination. She also adeptly manages media requests across various content areas such as tourism, hospitality, fashion, style, gastronomy, behavior, marketing, and business. During her time at Estimacom, she excelled in promoting the company’s clients in the hospitality and food and beverage segments. » Luiza Estima, owner of Estimacom PR, São Paulo, Brazil


« Cibele is an exceptional and creative professional. She excels at crafting captivating articles across a diverse range of topics, with a particular focus on travel, lifestyle, and fashion. Her writing reflects a unique style, and she approaches her work with a determined business mindset. I first met Cibele in São Paulo, where she made significant contributions to prestigious magazines. Our paths crossed again when we both moved to Paris, and I’ve since seen her continual growth and development. Every article she produces is a must-read for me. » Marcela Sperduti, Leading Digital Communication & Creative Content Fedrigoni Group, Milan, Italy


« Cibele is an exemplary professional – attentive, well-informed, organized, and a competent journalist. » Luiz Sztutman, Project Coordinator Communication | Viven – Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, Tel-Aviv, Israel


« Cibele is a competent and dedicated professional, always ready to tackle situations outside the routine. Her excellent writing skills and ability to assess topics allow her to produce outstanding articles in her chosen areas. I highly recommend her work. » Marcelo Bartolomei, Editor-in-chief, Perfil Group, São Paulo, Brazil