Le Sibille

Le Sibille is the outcome of three women’s wish to recreate the spirit and essence of a typical Renaissance workshop. Camilla Bronzini, Francesca Neri Serneri and Antonella Perugini have come together to carefully research and study the Ancient Goldsmith Art.

Though they are a team, each has individually specialized professionally in a particular field letting it become her own personal strength. While being inspired by different styles, Le Sibille have improved their knowledge about the Small Roman Mosaic technique, a miniaturized 8th century enhancement of the ancient art form.

One of-a-kind jewels are created with this technique that combines the Sibille’s Three most famous and exclusive lines: the MICRO MOSAIC and the GIANTS, a contemporary and aristocratic interpretation of the past and LILLIPUT the cool expression of fashion.

LE SIBILLE’s focus is the accurate research to design and achieve both innovative and classic results through handcrafted and unique pieces.