Le Sibille

Le Sibille, an Italian brand from Rome founded in 1990, creates unique jewels with magical, microscopic tiles using a spinning technique. These tiles, placed on 18K gold bases by hand, feature mosaics inspired by Greek, Roman, early Christian, Byzantine, Renaissance, Baroque, Islamic, and Asian art. Le Sibille also offers I Giganti, featuring colored stones, and Lilliput, a modern jewelry interpretation.

The micromosaic, developed in 18th-century Rome, involves shaping glass paste with heat to create tesseras smaller than 1 millimeter. Le Sibille modernizes this ancient technique with musive patterns ranging from architectural motifs to three-dimensional designs.

Led by creative director Francesca Neri Serneri, Le Sibille is a workshop of excellence, inspired by the rare Small Roman Mosaic or “Micromosaic” technique. The brand focuses on ethical production, considering the environment, human rights, and energy. Their jewels are designed to be timeless, artistically valuable pieces, perfect for generations to come.

Each Le Sibille jewel is a blend of the four elements of life: earth, fire, water, air, representing the foundation of beauty nurturing the soul. Since 1990, Le Sibille has evolved while staying true to its Roman roots, producing excellence in the heart of Rome and ensuring the legacy of micromosaic art.