Kika Simonsen

With a considerable artistic background, Kika Simonsen brings an interesting mix between art and fashion to her homonymous brand founded in 2015. Each collection begins with research around the defining theme, which is always linked to profound personal experiences in life, art and travel, relating to different cultures but always grounded on Kika’s Brazilian roots and culture.

The designer’s unique brushstrokes come from Kika’s artwork, made in many layers of acrylic paint created in her studio in São Paulo, Brazil. Each painting is transformed into exclusive and timeless prints in each collection, maintaining a refined aesthetic and artsy creative process with true artisanal and unique essence. Kika Simonsen’s pieces are made from a mix of traditional pattern making and draping in a way that the female body and prints are always valued. Each cut is carefully thought of, so that prints, and patterns are beautifully enhanced. The chosen fabrics provide comfort, versatility and style in ways that can easily be worn in city or resort occasions. Highlights include different silks, sometimes pure and sometimes with metallic threads. There is also mixed linen, recycled cotton, knits and velvet, showing how textures are always regarded.

Sustainability is always in mind; as Kika Simonsen always works with textiles made from upcycled fabrics. All of the processes making and dying fabrics are idealized to reduce the use of water and making all of the conventional steps eco-friendly. Everything is artisanal and made in Brazil. The women who wear Kika Simonsen are independent, like to escape from the obvious, and are not totally dependent on trends because they know that clothing is an extension of one’s artistic and sensitive personality. These women search for quality and unique products, bringing personality and style to their lives. Kika Simonsen tells a story, presenting an exclusive lifestyle with an interesting and personal storytelling and attitude.

Kika Simonsen studied graphic design in São Paulo, Brazil, graduating from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in 2012. She than studied Fashion at Instituto Europeo di Design and Visual Arts at Escola Panamerica de Arte e Design. In 2015, Kika Simonsen founded her homonymous brand as a way of uniting her academic background in art, graphic design, and fashion in one business, made to create unique and wearable pieces of art. Kika Simonsen began painting when she was 3 years old.

A lot of her expertise in creating art and fashion have come from her personal practices experimenting on her studio, from learning how to use natural pigments to create paint, and personal experimentation with draping. Her curiosity has driven her to become self-taught in ways through reading, visiting other artist’s and artisans’ ateliers and having further painting, pattern making and draping classes with other visual artists and industry professionals. Kika has also taken part in ‘Grupo Hermes,’ a reputable group of artists in São Paulo who take on weekly encounters to discuss artistic production. She currently continues her studies by taking part of ‘Núcleo do MAM,’ a small group of artists and art enthusiasts who form the Nucleus of the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, by engaging in art fairs, visiting art collections and artists’ ateliers.