Kika Simonsen

Kika Simonsen is a Brazilian brand founded by the eponymous designer Kika Simonsen. It embodies a colorful world of dresses and sophisticated pieces, crafted from natural fabrics like linen, silk, and cotton. The brand’s identity is defined by hand-painted prints, vibrant yet versatile.

With a rich artistic background, Kika’s collections are born from deep research into themes related to art, travel, and world cultures, rooted in her Brazilian heritage. Her distinct brushstrokes, originally crafted on canvases, become exclusive prints for each collection, maintaining a refined aesthetic and an artsy essence.

Kika Simonsen’s fashion is original, with pieces tailored through flat patternmaking and « moulage, » emphasizing both form and prints. Fabrics provide comfort and a perfect drape. Aligned with sustainability, Kika uses fabrics made from scraps and recycled materials, reducing environmental impact. The process minimizes water usage.

The Kika Simonsen woman is independent, breaking away from trends. She sees clothes as extensions of her artistic and sensitive personality, seeking original, quality products for her unique style and lifestyle.