Juliana Hotel Brussels

The Juliana Hotel Brussels is strategically located on one of Brussels’ most celebrated neo-classical squares, seamlessly integrated into the city’s vibrant heart. This establishment marks the third venture of the Juliana Hotels, a private family-owned group, following their successes in Paris and Cannes. Each hotel in the group tells a unique story, reflecting its distinct character.

Set on the Place des Martyrs, a discreet and elegant backdrop perfect for those who appreciate a serene atmosphere in the bustling heart of the city, the Juliana Hotel Brussels offers a retreat from the everyday.

Before ascending to your room, pause to admire a stunning mirror designed by Philippe Starck in the lobby. As you ascend to floors 1, 2, and 3, you’ll find yourself in corridors that echo the quiet elegance of Hermès. Deciding between room 109 or 214 might prove challenging; with 43 units spread across three floors and available in five distinct categories, each offers its own appeal. The choice extends beyond mere size, which ranges from 20 to 160 square meters. Guests must also choose between the allure of high ceilings or the cozy charm of mansard-roofed spaces, each category blending charm with prestige.

The hotel’s interior combines contemporary decoration with neo-classical art touches, creating a unique aesthetic that is both modern and reflective of its historic surroundings.

The service at Juliana Hotel Brussels is both professional and generous, ensuring that each guest experiences unparalleled hospitality and a personal touch that makes their stay memorable.