Indi & Cold

indi & cold is the result of years of experience and adventures in the fashion industry. It all began in San Sebastian in 1991 when Diego and Gonzalo Santaolalla embarked on their own journey in the fashion world. The brand officially came to life in 2012 following the fusion of Indiwoman and Cold Alaska.

If there’s one thing that characterizes indi & cold, it’s the natural lifestyle, and that’s what they embody in each collection. Under the creative direction of Cristina Villar, the brand reflects her personal style. Craftsmanship, the integrity of fibers, and their unique approach to color are some of their distinguishing features.

indi & cold consistently creates timeless collections based on style rather than fleeting trends. The brand pays meticulous attention to detail in every phase of the garment-making process. They cherish the durability and quality of their garments. indi & cold is passionate about infusing fashion with a conscious vision, encouraging a slower pace, and continuing their work as they’ve always done – thoughtfully and conscientiously. Creating quality pieces through transparent production processes that benefit all involved.

Presently, indi & cold has a strong presence across many European countries, as well as in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States. The brand is stocked in over 750 multi-brand stores worldwide and operates 20 flagship stores where they showcase and embody the indi & cold style.

A brand that today boasts a team of over 100 individuals, with 98% being women, and continues to operate as a close-knit family.