For discerning travelers, the name Beaumier conjures a sense of familiarity and distinction, much like the 19th-century explorer it is named after. This name leaves a lasting impression, mirroring the remarkable experiences offered at their properties. Far removed from the city’s hustle and bustle, Beaumier’s properties are havens where each moment is crafted to be extraordinary.

Nestled in peaceful and unspoiled locations, Beaumier properties offer locally inspired cuisine, delightful drinks, and rejuvenating spas and wellness facilities. It’s time to uncover Beaumier’s fresh perspective on luxury.

Each Beaumier property serves as a point of arrival and departure, revealing the essence of its unique surroundings. Set amidst breathtaking natural landscapes, these locations inspire tailor-made experiences, enriched by activities, thoughtful design, captivating artworks, curated books, and harmonious music. Arriving at a Beaumier resort is an invitation to discover the exclusivity and authenticity of the local area.

Beaumier embodies simplicity, seamlessly blending discretion with comfort, modernity with tradition. With an ethos of understated elegance and a belief in the power of less-is-more, they ensure that their guests always feel at home.