Karim Adduchi

Karim Adduchi was born in Imzouren, Morocco in 1988. Raised in a family of tailors, he grew up between the sewing machines of his parents. His father moved to Barcelona and in 1993 Karim followed him at the age of five. Reunited with his father, Karim started his primary education. He did not, however, know Catalan or Spanish and not being able to speak, Karim expressed himself through drawings. It was the first start in visual expression that would later become such an important part of his life. Seeing great talent in his drawings, his mentor urged him to attend the fine arts Cal’Oller academy.

Karim continued his studies for two years at the Pompeu Fabra Academie (P.F.A), where he started to find his own way of working, which he developed further when he studied at the Fine Arts University in Barcelona (UB). In 2011 Karim moved to Amsterdam to study at the fashion department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. For his graduation collection ‘She Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ he drew inspiration from his Moroccan heritage as well as the Moroccan woman and her strength and beauty. With bulbous volumes, traditional Berber arts and crafts and smart tailoring it fittingly received international press coverage including amongst others Vogue Italia, Vogue NL, I-D Magazine, Domus, Libération and Glamcult.

In 2016 Karim showed his second collection at Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week. “She Lives Behind the Courtyard Door” further explored the hidden power and beauty of the Moroccan woman and his background. Again, international press coverage followed such as Vogue Arabia, I-D Magazine, Glamcult, The Huffington Post and Le Monde.
“She Has 99 Names”, Karim’s third collection, was shown in 2017. To achieve the level of craftsmanship that went into the designs Karim cooperated with refugees and their respective specialized crafts. Vogue NL, ASVOF, HuffPost Maroc, Marie Claire, amongst others featured the collection.

In 2018 Karim was listed in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30; Europe Art & Culture list, as one of the young forerunners in the European cultural industry. Karim’s work has been bought by private collectors and museums such as the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. In the same year, he was awarded the prestigious Amsterdam Culture Business Award.

Karim Adduchi presented his first FW 2019/2020 collection during Paris Fashion week, taking part into the official calendar.