En Voiture SIMONE…

Modern Vintage and Contemporary Designers shop in Paris

Trained as a graphic designer and painter, Amel Annana has been bargain hunting since the age of 15. She started with her mother in garage sales. Over time her expertise has been refined and her taste too. After several professional lives, she decided to open her shop in 2016.

Amel is a fan of the great designers of the 1970s and 1980s, and more particularly of Kansai Yamamoto, Anne-Marie Beretta, Claude Montana and YSL or other more confidential designers such as France Andrevie or Christian Aujard.

She also has three other passions: leather clothing, black, white, colored, jacket skirt dress or jumpsuit; denim in all its forms; and cowboy boots.

If Amel had to qualify her vintage, it would be a specialized and sharp vintage, modern and by that she means, that we can wear every day, whether we are eccentric or more classic.

She favors natural materials, cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, etc.

The cut of the garment, its fit and the quality of the textiles are her first requirement, before the brand. Although often the two come together.

Whether you are looking for the nugget or the perfect oversized blazer jacket, a rock and vintage t-shirt or cowboy boots, En Voiture SIMONE…. is here!