A.b. Poétique

A.b.poétique was founded in London in 2019. As an art shoe brand, it merges the western “Art Deco” with the subtle restraint in Oriental art to achieve a balanced beauty in shoes, reflecting an Oriental soul on top of western elements. The designer, taking shoes as the carrier with craftsman’s understanding of classical art, integrates the confidence of Oriental women in the new era into the design. In French, “Poétique” means “poetic”, aiming to explore the romance, sorrows, joys and all passionate feelings in this world.

As a Christian Protestant, Blake, a designer who graduated from Central St. Martins in UK, is profoundly influenced by renaissance and religious culture. She integrates fantasy, emotion and life memory into each art piece. As distinct from daily wear, shoes represent more of an expression carrier of the designer’s deep understanding of art.

The craftsmanship spirit that the brand intends to convey is not only the literal meaning of dedication and focus on product design, but more about cultural communication. Fine craftsmanship coveys the elegance, generosity and intellectuality of Oriental women. Such a design in line with the confidence of Oriental women in the new era will give more strength to women who wear A.b.Poétique.

When the western renaissance is combined with the elegance of Oriental women, the western classical collides with the Oriental subtle beauty, every fine detail of A.b.Poétique is thus created, reflecting the atmosphere of art collection.

London, a cosmopolis where diverse cultures from all over the world meet and merge, makes A.b. Poétique beyond a shoe brand.