Virginie Hucher

Virginie Hucher is a French artist with a degree in visual arts. After training in various outstanding workshops (Michel Gouéry, Bruno Lebel, Marc Alberghina), she developed a mainly abstract aesthetic in forms that are specific to her. A fine colorist, his work focuses on themes linked to nature, the body and the living through several mediums: acrylic, oil, performance, sculpture.

The colored masses are centered on the canvas, duly demarcated in strange shapes that escape classical geometry. These elements, often alone in space, obey a relationship of emptiness dear to Taoism. The backgrounds are as neutral as the figures are full and no superfluous detail disturbs their unity. Under harmonious and shimmering colors, it is nature that inspires. Virginie Hucher does not hesitate to define her artistic approach under the auspices of a commitment to protect the environment, fauna, flora and life on Earth.

These organic, vegetable or mineral hybridizations form a means for the artist to limit himself to the essential. « Prime bodies » to use Lucretia’s periphrasis in De rerum natura, they play on the absence of scale to approach a work of microcosm in the macrocosm. Are we seeing the last or the first organisms on our planet? In her artistic approach, Virginie Hucher likes to recall the notion of mystery which makes the present moment the first creative principle.

Elora Weill-Engerer