Culture has always been a strong part of Honayda Serafi’s identity. Born to an erudite family with strong links to the fine art world – her mother is a renowned fashion and art historian – she cultivated her artistic sensibilities from a young age, honing her curiosity about the world around her and developing a love for poetry, music and the arts. Her profound passion for the culture and traditions of her homeland, Saudi Arabia, is strongly communicated in her designs.

Honayda Serafi read Fine Art at university before moving to Paris to study fashion. She has been working as a designer since. On top of creating her own label, Honayda Serafi is also an accomplished sculptor and poet. From a creative perspective, Honayda Serafi takes the personalities of the different women who have inspired her in life – whether from folklore or her real life experiences – as her starting point, believing that each and every woman has a role to play and a message to convey, whatever her position in life.

Influential female figures from throughout history and the mark they have made on society are a key source of inspiration. From famous women like the Queen of Sheba to the humble laborer in the fields or factory worker, all play a part in the story Honayda has to tell, just as they have a role to play in society. As such, Honayda injects meaning and symbolism into each of her designs, celebrating women in all their diversity. Nature – the giver of life – is another key source of inspiration for Honayda, who roots her creations in the intangible beauty of the elements. She combines these timeless references with contemporary cuts and fabrics that appeal to today’s women’s desires when it comes to fashion design, keeping her collections current and of the moment.

She is the epitome of the fulfilled modern woman: a mother, artist and businesswoman, maintaining strong links with her heritage and culture while living resolutely in the present. “Honayda” is the Arabic word for a sword’s sheath, symbolizing the combination of strength and protection that appropriately sum up her outlook on life and business alike.

Honayda Serafi believes strongly in giving back to society and inspiring youth to fulfill their dreams. She is a fervent supporter of philanthropic initiatives as well as a guest lecturer at leading universities offering fashion courses for women.