Mathias Kiss

Mathias Kiss explores the deconstruction of the classical heritage at the crossroads of painting, sculpture and architecture. For reasons inherent to the stages of his career, his work blurs the boundaries between art and craftsmanship, in line with trends such as the Arts & Crafts movement or the Bauhaus school.

He mastered the academic vocabulary of the Compagnons through the expertise of craftsmanship applied to the restoration of historical monuments, and the knowledge of the styles that have shaped the history of ornament. At the conclusion of his apprenticeship, Mathias Kiss felt the need to free himself from the dogmas dictated by his corporation. A work of artistic questioning then begins in which the decorative elements are diverted from their iconic status or function. They explore the field of abstraction to become sculptures, canvases or in situ installations.

At the same time, his stylistic vocabulary asserts itself in a heritage completely opposed to his original culture. By evolving towards radical volumes and lines, he shows a modernist perspective to his works.

As a result, we can observe the uniqueness of a postmodern approach where two heritages interact: French classicism, on the one hand, and modernism (or international style) on the other, through the merging of codes that constantly oscillate between the symbolization of the past and its deconstruction.

David Herman