Describing Darius’ music is like trying to gather the infinitely large and the infinitely small, or thinkingmusiccanbeashedonistasintrospective. For almost ten years, the very discreet producer feeds us his dreamy music, filled with cosmic images. An intense universe revealed through his frenetic live sets and our imagination when we close our eyes, but also through meticulous visuals, photography and graphic design. Darius cultivates his inspirations since his debut in 2012, same year when he meets Cézaire, founder of Roche Musique, who didn’t think twice about offering him to be part of the Label.

Inspired by filtered house music from the French Touch era, Darius takes nonetheless a different path than his elders. At a time when everyone would still sample, he chose to bring together spatial territories and immersed symbolic, through melodies that make you want to dance as much as a dream, like his first EP Romance, released on Roche Musique en 2014.

This EP gathers everything that characterize Darius as a unique producer: echoing chords, breaks that infinitely spread out and chorus that stick in your mind. That’s how “Hot hands” and “Espoir” transcended borders, allowing Darius to travel and play live throughout the world, inspiring himself with new cultures and encounters.

Some countries became a second home for Darius as his international audience keeps growing with the millions of plays that accumulates, especially in the USA (5M), Canada (1M), Russia (1M), Japan (1M), South Korea (1M) and Mexico (1M). Overall today, about a million people listen to his music every month, on all streaming platforms, numbers that would make Darius’ head spin.

With this first project, Darius becomes more meticulous and plays with hypnotic textures when he presents his debut album “Utopia” in 2017. Beyond uptempo and club songs, Darius unfolds a precise and millimetric narrative, flirting somewhere between sound design and a sci-fi movie trailer music. On this occasion, he speaks up through a movie illustrating the album’s genesis.

Whether it’s through his own productions or remixes, (alongside those for The Magician, Dua Lipa, Lianne La Havas or Jessie Ware…), Darius always shares a dreamy vision through his music, based on symbolism and mental landscapes that he wishes to pass on. Let us all be guided and surprised by his utopian and ever growing universe.