Carol Bassi

Brazilian designer Anna Carolina Bassi has been working with fashion since she was 16 years old. Graduated in Fine Arts from Faap (São Paulo), Carol Bassi has very early decided to be independent. Until the day she was invited to a black tie wedding, but did not want to wear anything that was too much embroidered, or with sequins. She then took a few pieces of lurex knit, of which she made a dress with the longest and tighter sleeves. The dress had the waistline and also had a very deep neckline.

This dress was a hit with Carol Bassi’s friends. So much so that the piece was even called « Fifth Avenue ». This was the first step for Carol to be inspired to create the label that bears her own name. What she said about her beginning:

“For a long time lurex was a forgotten raw material. But it brought me a clientele that didn’t find something uncomplicated and fancy at the same time. I started with a little space at the back of my parents’ store, with nothing written at the door, nothing. The clients found me by the smell ”, said Carol Bassi.

The pieces created by Carol, such as jackets, dresses and overalls were used by celebrities, such as actress Mariana Ximenes and host Fernanda Lima, in addition to several fashion bloggers and their numerous followers. For a year, Carol worked at the little shop in the back of her parents’ store. After this period, the business grew and it was necessary to convince her parents to make available the space that, until then, was occupied by their space. They realized that the time had come for her daughter to show her talent. Her shop, located in Alameda Lorena, in São Paulo, currently occupies about 500 square meters.

After making a big hit with lurex, Carol produced pieces of other fabrics as well, such as knit cardigans, handmade and pure silk blouses and tailoring pants. What’s more, Carol also uses leather, which is one of her strengths. We can see him in shorts, flare pants and blouses.

We can clearly see the sports style in her clothing. Her focus is to stay with her own store, and selling to 50 multi-brands around Brazil. Another feature of Carol Bassi’s pieces is that they are timeless, as she says. She does not work neither with winter and summer collection. For exactly that reason, she sees no reason to settle. Carol’s label is today a true reference in style and elegance in Brazil. She has as supporters several women who are able to dictate fashion trends.